GoPhillyGo Print + Digital Advertising

Various advertising for's print and digital platform. 

Print ads were created and ran on several of SEPTA's bus and subway lines. From 30th St. Station to the Tasker Morris stop on the BSL, GoPhillyGo showcased how users get around the region using their website. 

Various digital ads have been created to promote the program on Facebook. The ads have performed especially high in times of celebration in the city, like the Superbowl parade (Go Iggles!) and the Villanova celebration, where even taking public transit proved to be difficult. Users looked to GoPhillyGo to get direction on how to navigate the city by foot. Additionally, animated gifs were used to promote getting outside in the spring and summer months and using GoPhillyGo to find destinations to travel to. 

2016 and 2017 GD USA Health + Wellness Award Winner

Public transit photos, credit: Intersection