GoPhillyGo is a mapping website for multimodal trips in the Greater Philadelphia are. I know, a mouthful, but multimodal is what most commuters may already find themselves doing - combining multiple forms of transportation into one trip. Whether it be walking, biking, or taking public transit, lets you get around without a car.

A program of Clean Air Council, lets you tailor your trip to your needs as a rider. If you want a safer route with more bike lanes, only want to walk a certain distance, or want to plan a trip using Philly's bike share system, Indego, this site can help. It also has an explore function that lets you search events from Visit Philly's blog,, and nature destinations within in a certain time radius. 

The logo created connects the ligatures to show one path and elude to what lets you do - combine multple modes into one trip. Transit advertising was created for the launch of the website in addition to an interim website that showed the reach of the website - the entire Greater Philadelphia region - within one click. A print piece that folds out to an expansive map was also created and used at outreach events for the program.

2015 American Graphic Design Health and Wellness Award Winner

This work was created while at Warkulwiz Design Associates.